Smart Nkunganire System

The Smart Nkunganire System (SNS) is a supply chain management system built by BK TecHouse Ltd in collaboration with Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) to digitalize the end to end value chain of the Agro-Input Subsidy program.

Bakundukize François


Famers are happy with Nkunganire because it has increased the harvest in quality and quantity. As it becomes Smart Nkunganire, this is going to reduce time and logistics spent on Nkunganire and facilitate follow up and verification

Rutagungira Fred


Apart from a few farmers who were not used to using new technologies, we can say that Smart Nkunganire System is the best way to get on the "Twigire" list. We hope that Smart Nkunganire System will solve the problem of delay in the agro-inputs delivery across the country.

Gratien Misago


We are sure it is a solution to the problem of delays in collecting and filling in the "Twigire Muhinzi" lists. It will facilitate and speed up the way farmers request for agro-inputs and will facilitate the access to the farmer's information". I encourage everyone in the subsidy program to use SNS

SNS is a critical strategic tool for all stakeholders in the Agro-Input subsidy program as it significantly increases efficiency, productivity, transparency and bridges communication gaps within the Agro-Input subsidy program. SNS will also help remarkably raise financial inclusion, cashless transactions and green economy in the agriculture sector.

SNS is built to be a living platform that will grow and evolve over time to meet the needs of the agriculture sector, continuously adding value for all stakeholders involved; while at the same time promoting cashless economy, facilitating access to finance for the farmers and turning agriculture into a more attractive investment sector for financial and insurance institutions.